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Essential Oil Shaving Soaps

The aromatic cedarwood essential oil has a warm woody fragrance which appeals to both sexes. It is actually classed as an aphrodisiac oil due to wonderful aroma it eminates.

Its antiseptic qualities are ideal for calming any skin complaints or irritations which makes it an ideal essential oil to use within the shaving soap.

It is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

The shaving soap large tins cost £12:00 each and small tins cost £5:00 each.

View our range of Gift Boxes for the Organic Cedarwood Shaving Set (Large Tin Shaving Soap & Vegan Friendly Shaving Brush).

Vegan Friendly Products

Whilst we use honey in some of our soaps, no bees are injured during the collection of organic honey from the hives as the apiarist does not believe in using any form of a smoke device and the bees are not subdued nor hurt in any way.


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